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E-book Catalogue - Fiction and Creative Nonfiction by Nowick Gray

Enjoy Nowick Gray's "standout fiction ... subtle and altogether lovely ... impressionistic, quiet and very real" (James A. Lee).

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Speculation, Suspense, Intrigue and Enlightenment

Science Fiction

A Novel of the Near Future

PsyBot is every programmer's nightmare: the bug that gets loose on the user side of the interface. When a cyber virus infects Joe Norton and drives him toward a deadly mission, he discovers that virtual reality is not confined to hardware. Is the only way out, to go further in? Seeking the elusive target, Norton confronts a wider mind-control agenda poised to launch on his success.

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adventure ebook

Adventure Fiction

Rendezvous at Jumbo Pass: A Twisted Tale of Wilderness Survival

Rendezvous begins as a tale of romantic adventure in the rugged wilderness of B.C.'s Purcell Mountains. The protagonist will find, however, that the way down has more routes than he remembered on the way up. Wracked by eerily repetitive dreams in a cabin on a stormy night, Will is caught in a recurrent dance with life and death.

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wilderness adventure ebook

Essays and Stories Celebrating Nature, Culture and Spirit

My Country: Essays and Stories From the Edge of Wilderness

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Vivid essays and fictional stories reach from the environment of our collective past to remind us of the enduring mysteries of nature still around and within us all.

Nowick Gray harks to the tradition of Emerson and Thoreau in portraying his “life in the woods” of interior British Columbia in the last two decades of the twentieth century. My Country, like Walden, presents a neglected world that appears as through a forgotten memory.

nature essays

The History of the World: A Critique of Future Alternatives

This essay began as a review of Francis Fukuyama's The End of History and the Last Man, then expanded to include a critique of some key alternative strategies (notably Marshall Savage's Millennial Project) for a positive human future. Fukuyama's is a convincing overview of global trends and historical philosophy showing that human society is funneling--for better or worse--into a single strategy, the mode of liberal democracy. Savage advocates a practical program of accelerated space colonization to relieve the pressures of overpopulation. These approaches are contrasted with other alternatives such as the experiement of Maoism and the more contemporary Green politics.

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Short Stories

Strange Love / Romance Not for Sale

short stories

This collection includes 18 short stories, many previously published.. The first section, "Strange Love," includes narratives with offbeat structure or voice, twisted characters and morals, and quirks of discovery. When love plays games with reality, the next move can be dangerous. "Romance Not For Sale" features stories about love that never quite lives up to the romantic promise our culture leads us to expect. These stories resolve instead with a philosophic perspective, a touch of irony, a way to carry on.


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* Just Coyotes

* The Meaning of Life


Creative Nonfiction

Life: A Semi-Fictional Novel of the Baby Boom

"But I am not out to prove this or that theory: only to show such a life as I have lived, striving toward utopia. It promised to be a long, questing journey, given the 1950 hospital America I chose to be born to...

"I had to go farther--whether faster or slower I didn't yet know. To find roots deeper than 1950, deeper than the twentieth century, deeper even than civilization. To taste fresh animal flesh and blood; to sink fingers and toes into the soil."

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Prefaces and Introductions without End: Improvisations

...part of life, apart from Life, wordjazz in that moment which becomes this moment, always on the lookout for next, and now, and still dreams of awakening; even onto the present rock of creation, on the cliff in Varkala, or downtown Argenta; it's the beat and the welling wave...

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The Friday Night Jam

jam ebook

Being a kind of anecdotal instructional how-to (and sometimes painful how-not-to), to convey the elusive magic of group improvisation, different every time, so sensitive to all factors, and so emblematic of all human relations. An experiential overview of the confluence and conflict of different musical styles and expectations: acoustic/electric, world beat/rock, drummers/guitarists, perfectionists/amateurs, safe/risk, stoned/straight, standards/improvisation, men/women, fifties/sixties, tight/free. At the core of the journey is the learning of the limited individual ego, with its unique talents and limitations, to negotiate the free and structured spaces with others, to merge in the greater group striving for excellence and beyond, ecstatic union. And in attempting to convey this spirit and process, sometimes letting the words speak for themselves, players in the mix, jamming on the universal pulse.

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Life Stories: Creative Nonfiction

The Baby Boom
The Boys in the Park
First Love
Trumped in Peckerdom
Of Ducks, Trucks and Bucks
Stephen King through Rose-colored Eyes
Just Coyotes
The Meaning of Life
Deep Summer


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