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What is Cougar WebWorks?

Cougar WebWorks began as a personal website in 1996, evolving steadily as an online Alternative Culture Magazine. The site has always represented a compendium of non-mainstream topics, celebrating the values of Nature, Culture, and Spirit, and arranged according to the seven chakras. These "nodes and episodes of life on and off the grid" have varied over time, falling roughly into the following catergories:

1. Nature, Survival, Wilderness
2. Alternative Health, Lifestyle, Travel
3. Alternative Politics and News
4. Networking, Community, Blog
5. Music, Flute and Drum Jamming
6. Alternative Literature & Reviews
7. Alternative Spirituality

Also in 1996, Cougar WebWorks served as the self-publishing logo for Roots Jam: Collected Rhythms for Hand Drum and Percussion. That book, available also as an e-book, was joined in 2002 with a companion volume, Roots Jam 2: West African and Afro-Latin Drum Rhythms, and practice CD. Together the two books represented a new standard in rhythm notation for hand drums and percussion. In 2006 the new site was established to provide access to these and related resources for West African-style drumming and dancing. New in 2007 came Roots Jam 3: Arrangements for West African Drum and Dance, featuring traditional rhythms as well as original compositions and digital sound recordings. For the latest experiments in group musical inspiration, check out the Strange Moon website; and the new website, Flutes Jam, where you can learn scales to improvise on flute or pennywhistle.

HyperLife Editing Services and Hypertext Literature

The vision that HyperLife aims to manifest is of an endlessly linked web of life stories and essays - A Life in Hypertext - in various forms of hypertext fiction and creative non-fiction. HyperLife includes a section of improvisational Prefaces and Introductions without End; a novel of the Baby Boom generation called Life; and a selection of short stories.

Since 2000 HyperLife has served as the home of HyperLife Editing Services. Professional quality, affordable rates and fast turnaround are offered for proofreading, basic copy editing, and advanced editing and rewriting. The editors, Nowick Gray and Carol Ross, handle virtually any kind of written work needing correction and revision. Also offered are website design services.

Cougar WebWorks - Literature and Publications
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Hunter's Daughter - Arctic mystery
PsyBot - a novel of virtual reality
My Country: Essays and Stories From the Edge of Wilderness
Rendezvous - paranormal wilderness adventure
Strange Love / Romance Not For Sale: Short Stories
Alternative Culture Magazine | Alternative Literature
Alternative Fiction Online - Strange Love / Romance Not For Sale
Blog: Words in Motion
Travelogue Index - World Map Locations
HyperLife Editing Services
Life - a novel of the baby boom
Life Stories - creative nonfiction
Prefaces and Introductions Without End - improvisations
Friday Night Jam
Roots Jam: Collected Rhythms for Hand Drum and Percussion
Roots Jam 2: West African and Afro-Latin Drum Rhythms
Roots Jam 3: Arrangements for West African Drum and Dance

The Seeker's Manual - wisdom on the fly

Flutes Jam - scale charts for improvisation on flute or pennywhistle
Bamboo Grove CD - solo improvisations by Nowick Gray and flute jams by Strange Moon
GreenFire CD - flute and drum jams featuring Strange Moon

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